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As custom picture and art framers our goal is to achieve the best for our customers. Daily we are creative, imaginative, and inventive. This is what we do best.

What can we do for you?


A little help from your family framer

At the age  of 64,  I seen a few doctors over the years. The older I get and the longer I am in business, I have noticed many similarities between the practices of medical doctors and picture framers.IMG_20150401_162342061

Think about it this way:

When you or your child is sick, you go to a doctor. They are trained to ask questions, listen to your answers, and then decide what action to take to achieve wellness. Sometimes it is a quick and easy visit and the best medicine is to go home and rest. Sometimes, you need a special operation and then rest. And other times, in the case of a major illness, the best diagnosis is to just keep you comfortable so you can enjoy life as long as possible.

Our goal is to treat your art and family possessions in very much the same way. We continually seek to do the best for all you bring to our shop. We may decide to fix a little problem that solves a big dilemma for you, or we may advise you about the big operation that your art requires.

Why not enjoy life and art with a little help from your family framer.

As always, thank you!


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Refreshing Old Frame Jobs

Yesterday, I was asked a very common question.img_20160528_142338990 It involved looking at a frame project that had been done at another frame shop out of state. The customer asked if I would be willing to look at the project and make small changes so that they could enjoy their art work in their new house.

The simple answer is yes.

We are more than happy to receive older framed pieces to give them a fresh look. You feel great in new clothes. You will also enjoy that older piece of art if it has a new look for your new location.

I ask: “why hang a piece of art if it troubles you.”

Art is to be enjoyed and celebrated. We are here to help you do just that. As the holidays approach consider recycling art or photographs as presents. Every year, we are told that personal framed pieces are the best gift ever.

Remember art is fun. We do the work and make it right for you.

Thank you,

Quote from one of our satisfied customers:


“I have been going to Art Emporium for many years now…and they have framed so many of my fine art photographs that I have lost count. Both Bob and Bryan are truly amazing and ultimate experts with their work, exhibiting true craftsmanship in all that they do. Plus, they are genuinely interested in their customers and possess a family-oriented manner of interaction that always makes one feel welcome in their shop. They also always give 110% of their spirit in their service and products…and always on time meeting every deadline. I wholly encourage artists to visit Art Emporium and check them out.” – G.F.

A word from the owner

Dear customers and friends,

Daily habits change over time. Art changes with the ages. On this, we can all agree. As some of you have noticed over the past year, Bryan and I are more focus on serving our custom framing and design customers. This is what we do best.

With that in mind, and in trying to be a fiscally responsible small business, it would be wrong for us to try to stock a full line of artist supplies that would satisfy the few customers that do not shop on line or travel to large discount stores. I apologize, but we all have to make hard choices. And this is a choice we have made.

Please know that we will continue to carry some creative supplies, but we will never carry supplies as we did in the past. Please know that we do care and desire to serve you in any way we can.

We have served you  as a family since 1983. We are not going to stop now.

Thank you always,



This letter is from The Art Emporium of Old Saybrook, CT. Our phone # is 860-388-1419, Fax 860-388-1410

Thank you for letting me help you, Robert Jerome.


Custom Picture Framing and Family Moments

As a custom picture framing store we have framed photographs for many family celebrations both happy and sad.
As we gather together for events  with family and friends over the next few months remember that pictures can often restore the sweet memories of our family history. Both of childhoods gone by and as adults shaping the world around us.
That home run that your son hit out of the park…
That year that you were the first in your family to graduate…
That needle point from Grandma…
That time the dog crashed the princess birthday party…
A moment in time, saved in a photograph, is a memory that lives on forever.
Thank you for following our blog,

Story from the workbench: Winter Reflections on Family Roots


The Christmas holidays and family gatherings are done. We catch our breath and settle in for winter. The hustle and bustle are done, and thoughts become more profound.  I have
noticed a renaissance over the years of television programming during the first months of each new year. My wife and I have been enjoying a string of programs that have to do with oIMG_20160301_144932371.jpgur nations history, the history of family possessions, as well as family heritage.

One is forced to reflect on the basic questions of life: “where do I come from” and “how do I fit into history?” Further…  the history of our country? My community? And lastly and more personally, my family? As some would ask, what are my roots?

As custom picture framers, the Art Emporium of Old Saybrook has had the pleasure of working on projects which answer many of these questions for my customers. As I reflect, I am brought back to projects such as those historical maps with old boundary lines that no longer exist. Other projects arrive at my frame counter idad art- back pocketn shoe boxes, filled with old dusty heirloom photographs of relatives and memories that tell stories of generations past. Then, still others, are unrolled from protective blankets, surrounding family objects large and small that tell stories of our youth, years that seem like lives that we may have once had, but feel so distant that these memories must be revived to place puzzle pieces together for our present.

These are the memories we keep in our hearts and help us to look forward as a family, a town, and a country. We are forever changing as people, but deep in our DNA we  desire the sweetness of the past.

It is our desire to help you preserve your history.

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Story from the Workbench: A love affair with Art

If you are reading my blog for the first time, let introduce my self:

297742_239997612728229_680945438_n (1)

I’m 63 years young. I’ve been actively involved in the picture framing business since 1975, however, beginning around 1962, I was a student observing, creating, and learning about art. I’ve been fascinated by both three-dimensional statues and flat art pieces of all kinds.

I chose 1962 as a starting date for my formal training because as a student in the Arlington, Virginia public school system, we began to take an annual lectured tour of The National Museum of Art in Washington, D.C., when I was in elementary school. Granted, as a third grader, my attraction to art was not about deep thought and romance, however much more the beginning of seeing great pieces of art and how they taught us about World and U.S history.

Many art pieces recount important moments in the history of man, or significant moments in the evolution of thinking. Or one might be encouraged to pause and ponder the history of the failures and triumphs of the artist themselves. To see these great pieces in person, know that they were real and alive, and know that each one of them tells many stories, has led me on a long journey in art appreciation.

This is a remarkable journey to begin so young; a journey I continue to enjoy. 

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to like and share.

Best Regards,


A Story from the Workbench: the unframed map

As we look toward Father’s Day weekend, I thought I would share another story from the workbench.


The most memorable item that I have seen, but not framed, was a map of Europe that was printed on silk. It was brought to me by a man who desired to honor his father. He had been in the army during World War II and had been flown and dropped behind enemy lines. He was issued a map printed on silk because it is a material that is both extra strong and light-weight. He was prepared to be on foot for a long time.

I was honored that I was being trusted with such a unique item, but not sure if framing was the best way to really preserve it. While the customer was in the store I called the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.. They have a curator whose specialty is military items from the past. He explained to me that indeed I was looking at a rare item. He also suggested that the map would be better preserved if not framed. The reason being that silk is quickly damaged by light. Most beautiful silk items are stored in the dark and only worn or displayed for a short period of time. To expose this rare map to light every day would have done great harm.

Yes, as a business man, I could have done the job, served the customer, and this project would have been expensive, if done as the customer requested. I could have made a lot of money, but I chose to serve the customer with honesty, and preserved the map for many generations to come, by doing nothing at all. No charge. Since then, we have remained friends and I have had the privilege of framing many special art pieces for them as a result of this experience.

To all fellow “dads” out there, have a safe and happy Father’s Day from me to you.

This letter is from The Art Emporium of Old Saybrook, CT. Our phone # is 860-388-1419, Fax 860-388-1410
Thank-you for letting me help you, Robert Jerome.

DIY: How to Pack Art When Moving

As June approaches many families are preparing to use their Summer vacation to move and change homes. You may be moving across the country or across town, but either way, knowing how to pack matters. At the Art Emporium of Old Saybrook, we care about your art and custom picture frames, and we often are asked to ship art across country. Because of this experience, we know a few pointers on how to get your art from point A to point B in one piece. Proper packing and handling is an art-form in itself, pardon the pun.

Consider the following tips for proper handling and packing of your framed pictures and mirrors for moving:

You may be hiring a professional moving company to help lower stress. If you prepare your art work before the movers arrive, you will see better results once everything has been shipped.

Hint #1: Try to box no more than two pieces together.

Hint #2: If your frames have glass or a mirror, put blue painters tape in an “X pattern” on the glass. This will protect the art should the glass break in transit.

Hint #3: Put a piece of cardboard on the front and back of each piece. Wrapping in tissue, newspaper or a painters floor cloth are also good ideas, as these all provide cushion for your art.

Hint #4: Avoid putting tape on the picture frame itself, as it could remove veneer, paint, gold leafing, etc from the molding.

Hint #5: We have discovered that swimming pool noodles cut on one edge make a great protector for frame edges. Put these foam tubes on the edges of your frames and then wrap them up.

Hint #6: Finally, if you are short on time, as you are packing, make written notes regarding which pieces of art will need new mats and frames when you arrive at your new destination. These projects can be dropped off at your local Custom Picture Framer and completed while you are still painting and moving in. Also this is a good time to inspect the backs of your picture frames and put new dust covers and new picture wire to secure them properly.

All of the above packing advice can be done at home, and are easily DIY projects for your family. Should you prefer professional packing services, give us a call at 860-388-1419 and we would be happy to assist you as you prepare to move to your new house.

Have a great summer, Bob.