The Not-so-common pencil


According to Wikipedia the common pencil is made of a core of graphite and clay, surrounded by a  protective layer to protect the users hand and support the graphite core. When applied to paper, the graphite marking is the result of the abrasive quality of the paper. With pen and ink, a mark or line is the result of fluid flowing from the pen to the paper surface.

Pencil drawing is a wonderful way to create images on paper. Many people think that pencil is only a tool used in the beginning  process of a greater image, such as a painting or designing on paper to later be transformed into a three dimensional form of art.

When entering into an artist supply store, customers are often unaware of the grading of the hardness or softness of the graphite lead. The idea behind this grade scale relates to the hardness and softness of the graphite in each pencil. An ” H ” pencil is on the hard side and a “B” is on the soft  side. A 4H is a very hard pencil, an HB is in the middle and a 6B is very soft. Through the use of soft and hard pencils a person is able to draw different shades of grey, or values, and create shape and form on paper.

Through the use of other drawing tools along with graphite lead, a person can create drawings as detailed as a black and white photograph or as abstract as a few simple elegant lines.

Graphite is also known for its permanence. Once the graphite is drawn on the paper surface it can indeed be erased, but if left alone graphite lead drawings are very permanent and highly fad proof.

Thank you as always. My desire is to educate and create enthusiasm for the arts.


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