Attic Treasures: Priceless Gifts of Love

When was the last time you went to the attic or garage and opened a box only to see an object, a post card or a poster from your past; a very personal and meaningful memory. This “something” could be a little history about you, a sibling or a parent. As I have said before, these are one-of-a-kind treasures. They may seem silly to the world, but to you they are a piece of history that reminds you of your past and how you became who you are today.

As families and friends gather for the holidays and seasonal gatherings, let’s celebrate life… Celebrate history… Celebrate family… Celebrate friendship.


A simple picture frame or shadowbox will preserve these pieces of history for generations.


Remember an object like this is unique; you can not buy it on-line, or in a department store. A priceless gift full of love and memories.


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This letter is from The Art Emporium of Old Saybrook, CT. Our phone # is 860-388-1419, Fax 860-388-1410
Thank-you for letting me help you, Robert Jerome.


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