DIY: How to Pack Art When Moving

As June approaches many families are preparing to use their Summer vacation to move and change homes. You may be moving across the country or across town, but either way, knowing how to pack matters. At the Art Emporium of Old Saybrook, we care about your art and custom picture frames, and we often are asked to ship art across country. Because of this experience, we know a few pointers on how to get your art from point A to point B in one piece. Proper packing and handling is an art-form in itself, pardon the pun.

Consider the following tips for proper handling and packing of your framed pictures and mirrors for moving:

You may be hiring a professional moving company to help lower stress. If you prepare your art work before the movers arrive, you will see better results once everything has been shipped.

Hint #1: Try to box no more than two pieces together.

Hint #2: If your frames have glass or a mirror, put blue painters tape in an “X pattern” on the glass. This will protect the art should the glass break in transit.

Hint #3: Put a piece of cardboard on the front and back of each piece. Wrapping in tissue, newspaper or a painters floor cloth are also good ideas, as these all provide cushion for your art.

Hint #4: Avoid putting tape on the picture frame itself, as it could remove veneer, paint, gold leafing, etc from the molding.

Hint #5: We have discovered that swimming pool noodles cut on one edge make a great protector for frame edges. Put these foam tubes on the edges of your frames and then wrap them up.

Hint #6: Finally, if you are short on time, as you are packing, make written notes regarding which pieces of art will need new mats and frames when you arrive at your new destination. These projects can be dropped off at your local Custom Picture Framer and completed while you are still painting and moving in. Also this is a good time to inspect the backs of your picture frames and put new dust covers and new picture wire to secure them properly.

All of the above packing advice can be done at home, and are easily DIY projects for your family. Should you prefer professional packing services, give us a call at 860-388-1419 and we would be happy to assist you as you prepare to move to your new house.

Have a great summer, Bob.


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