Story from the workbench: Winter Reflections on Family Roots


The Christmas holidays and family gatherings are done. We catch our breath and settle in for winter. The hustle and bustle are done, and thoughts become more profound.  I have
noticed a renaissance over the years of television programming during the first months of each new year. My wife and I have been enjoying a string of programs that have to do with oIMG_20160301_144932371.jpgur nations history, the history of family possessions, as well as family heritage.

One is forced to reflect on the basic questions of life: “where do I come from” and “how do I fit into history?” Further…  the history of our country? My community? And lastly and more personally, my family? As some would ask, what are my roots?

As custom picture framers, the Art Emporium of Old Saybrook has had the pleasure of working on projects which answer many of these questions for my customers. As I reflect, I am brought back to projects such as those historical maps with old boundary lines that no longer exist. Other projects arrive at my frame counter idad art- back pocketn shoe boxes, filled with old dusty heirloom photographs of relatives and memories that tell stories of generations past. Then, still others, are unrolled from protective blankets, surrounding family objects large and small that tell stories of our youth, years that seem like lives that we may have once had, but feel so distant that these memories must be revived to place puzzle pieces together for our present.

These are the memories we keep in our hearts and help us to look forward as a family, a town, and a country. We are forever changing as people, but deep in our DNA we  desire the sweetness of the past.

It is our desire to help you preserve your history.

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