A word from the owner

Dear customers and friends,

Daily habits change over time. Art changes with the ages. On this, we can all agree. As some of you have noticed over the past year, Bryan and I are more focus on serving our custom framing and design customers. This is what we do best.

With that in mind, and in trying to be a fiscally responsible small business, it would be wrong for us to try to stock a full line of artist supplies that would satisfy the few customers that do not shop on line or travel to large discount stores. I apologize, but we all have to make hard choices. And this is a choice we have made.

Please know that we will continue to carry some creative supplies, but we will never carry supplies as we did in the past. Please know that we do care and desire to serve you in any way we can.

We have served you  as a family since 1983. We are not going to stop now.

Thank you always,



This letter is from The Art Emporium of Old Saybrook, CT. Our phone # is 860-388-1419, Fax 860-388-1410

Thank you for letting me help you, Robert Jerome.



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