Attic Treasures: Priceless Gifts of Love

When was the last time you went to the attic or garage and opened a box only to see an object, a post card or a poster from your past; a very personal and meaningful memory. This “something” could be a little history about you, a sibling or a parent. As I have said before, these are one-of-a-kind treasures. They may seem silly to the world, but to you they are a piece of history that reminds you of your past and how you became who you are today.

As families and friends gather for the holidays and seasonal gatherings, let’s celebrate life… Celebrate history… Celebrate family… Celebrate friendship.


A simple picture frame or shadowbox will preserve these pieces of history for generations.


Remember an object like this is unique; you can not buy it on-line, or in a department store. A priceless gift full of love and memories.


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A Story from the Workbench: A broken Wax Relief from Europe

Just recently, I repaired a broken wax relief sculpture from Europe. The customer had tried a few methods, but each failed or showed some flaw. She was right to come to me. I did the repair and showed her how the crack would always be a part of the piece. She had asked nothing remarkable of me and gave me freedom to do the best that we could.

As a custom framer and long time artist, I have had the privilege of doing occasional repair work on art objects from around the world. I find this personally satisfying. More often than not, my customer has tried to do the repair themselves and does not want to send the object off to a full time art restorer.  Moreover, the customer does not have the time, talent, or knowledge of adhesive materials.

The true value in any object is subjective to the eyes of the beholder.

Knowing the risk of harm involved, we, at the Art Emporium, do not do repairs or restoration of museum art or collectibles. However, we do have a vast knowledge of both artist supplies and hardware adhesives to do a great job of putting a piece of broken family art back together in good form.

As with the European wax relief, once a piece is broken it is never the same again, but it does have a new history. In the end, we were able to bring beauty and renewal to an object that could have been completely lost. Moreover, we brought happiness to a multi-generational family; a small but big success.

Again  thank you for reading. And please feel free to share.

This letter is from The Art Emporium of Old Saybrook, CT. Our phone # is 860-388-1419, Fax 860-388-1410
Thank-you for letting me help you, Robert Jerome.

The Not-so-common pencil


According to Wikipedia the common pencil is made of a core of graphite and clay, surrounded by a  protective layer to protect the users hand and support the graphite core. When applied to paper, the graphite marking is the result of the abrasive quality of the paper. With pen and ink, a mark or line is the result of fluid flowing from the pen to the paper surface.

Pencil drawing is a wonderful way to create images on paper. Many people think that pencil is only a tool used in the beginning  process of a greater image, such as a painting or designing on paper to later be transformed into a three dimensional form of art.

When entering into an artist supply store, customers are often unaware of the grading of the hardness or softness of the graphite lead. The idea behind this grade scale relates to the hardness and softness of the graphite in each pencil. An ” H ” pencil is on the hard side and a “B” is on the soft  side. A 4H is a very hard pencil, an HB is in the middle and a 6B is very soft. Through the use of soft and hard pencils a person is able to draw different shades of grey, or values, and create shape and form on paper.

Through the use of other drawing tools along with graphite lead, a person can create drawings as detailed as a black and white photograph or as abstract as a few simple elegant lines.

Graphite is also known for its permanence. Once the graphite is drawn on the paper surface it can indeed be erased, but if left alone graphite lead drawings are very permanent and highly fad proof.

Thank you as always. My desire is to educate and create enthusiasm for the arts.

Custom Picture Framing: owner and son do their magic

Pictured below: Robert and Bryan Jerome, owner and son, (L-R) at work at our framing counter:


If you have ever wondered what a finished piece looks like, once Robert and Bryan have done their magic…. This page is here to help you.

With permission by art owners, we hope to display many finished pieces we have framed.

One art owner recently sent us this beautiful photo of art he had custom-framed at our store in Old Saybrook:


If you are interested in sharing photos of art pieces we have framed, to be displayed on our website, let us know on:

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Or, visit us at our renovated store at 288 Main Street, Old Saybrook, CT 06475!

Let us know you heard about us on the web. We love our customers. Happy Spring to you!

The basics series: Don’t overlook your family art heirlooms as you are spring-cleaning.


Don’t overlook your family art heirlooms as you are spring-cleaning.

The air is warming up. The snow is melting. We are opening windows and freshening up musty homes. Horray, spring is here! (I think I just heard a collective sigh of relief from winter-tired New Englanders!)

As we move into these beautifully active months, we at the Art Emporium of Old Saybrook want to suggest that you don’t overlook your family art heirlooms as you are spring-cleaning. Why is art inspection so important, you ask?

Why is art inspection so important, you ask?

As a professional custom frame shop, we see both new and old picture framing projects on a regular basis. Custom picture framing repairs are often needed on old or poorly framed pieces.  Similar to taking your car in for a tune up and, while driving away, noticing that the car runs smoother and quieter than before. Tender loving care (TLC) to art is equally important!

Tender loving care (TLC) to art is equally important!

Repairs and touch-ups could be required on picture frame projects because of a few issues, such as, failure in proper wall hanging, improper long-term storage, or lack of proper regular inspection while a piece remains hanging for years in a prominent wall in a home. Much like regular car tune-ups for safety, fine custom framed pieces need regular TLC.

Picture wire that pulls away from a frame is a scary thing to have happen, as it can mean damage to personal property. Broken glass can be a danger in any home or office. Picture glass is not the same as door glass or car windsheilds. When picture glass breaks, it is loud, messy, dangerous.  The broken frame and glass can damage the art upon impact. It can also damage a piece of furniture, however the greater risk could be severe injuries to a family member.

… the greater risk could be severe injuries to a family member.

So, why would a picture fall? There are three primary reasons. First, the picture wire might not be strong enough for the weight of the framed art and over time the wire snaps. Secondly, moisture can cause the wire to rust and break. Thirdly, if you have an older wooden picture frame, the old screw eyes that held the wire to the frame can give way and the art will fall. Our professional advice is to periodically take the art work off the wall and inspect how the hardware (screw-eyes and wire) is holding up over time.This practice of art inspection is necessary for the safety of your home, art, and loved ones.


To conclude, as we are spring-cleaning, art inspection could be one of our added habits. As we notice that our framed treasures need some TLC, we could consider adding a new peice of cleaned glass , fresh acid-free matting, and new wire and screw-eyes to change the look of our family heirlooms and make the art safe to hang for years to come.

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The Basics Series: Mats

We are beginning a series of blogs about the basics of Custom Picture Framing. Today, Robert Jerome, owner of the Art Emporium of Old Saybrook, writes about the mat:

“Well-framed artwork should help define the picture, not the frame.”


In custom picture framing, a mat serves multiple purposes. The most important purpose is to safely mount the photograph or paper art and create distance from the glass for protection from moisture. The second purpose of a mat is to create a design element to accent the art. This design becomes a single uniform piece which includes the the art, the mat, and the frame.

Well-framed artwork should help define the picture, not the frame. 

Framed artwork can be framed with glass and no matting. This technique is often used with posters, in which case, it must be mounted to a board or the poster will not stay flat behind the glass.

Another method for framing collectible prints and small paper art is to have them professionally float mounted on acid free materials. A shadow spacer would be built invisibly along the inside edge of the frame, which raises the glass away from the artwork and allows the edges of the art to be seen. Museums and private coIMG_20150330_072905091llections often use this method of “float mounting.”

FAQ: Where are you located?

When customers call to find out where Art Emporium of Old Saybrook is located, owner Bob Jerome, always answers:10834533_10152882690677520_797162849_o

Drive into Old Saybrook, from Route 9 or 95, and follow Route 1 to Main Street. Bear left at the the fork at Saybrook Country Barn. Continue to follow the medians until they end, exactly in front of our store, near THE KATE (Katherine Hepburn Cultural Art Center). Go around the median, and pull into a parking space in the front of the red store on your left.

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